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Maui – Day 1

Wow, what a beautiful place! It’s warm, sunny, and green. None of which can describe Michigan right now.

There are doors at the front of the hotel but the rest is all open which no outside walls at some places. Our hotel room looks out at the ocean, and the pool. The palms from the lawn provide shade for our room while we look down at the suspension bridge across the huge pool. Everything is green and meticulously cared for.

Today we had a big day planned, but we postponed it so that we could just relax and explore the area.  We woke up early because of jet lag, so I explored the hotel and the path along the beach.

We started off the day with breakfast at Moose. Afterwards we strolled around Lahaina and took in our surroundings.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 081

The water is beautiful especially as the shoreline is trimmed with beautiful green bushes, trees, and palms.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 002

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 007

In the city square, there is a Banyan Tree that is huge. The limbs branch out and then put roots into the ground and then more branches come out of the ground.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 009

After we strolled around we went up the coast to the North end of the island. We took our time and stopped a lot, taking in the beauty. I would have loved to sit on this beach and just read a book while taking breaks to watch the surf.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 029

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 031 Stitch

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 046

At one point, there were dozens of surfers waiting out in the surf waiting to catch a wave.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 092

The sunsets are beautiful and leave a wonderful golden tint on everything.

2009-01-19 091119 Maui 107

We went to Hulu Grill | Barefoot Bar for dinner, which is located along the shore with a wonderful view. It’s fun just relaxing, taking in the view and eating.

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