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I woke up early again, before it was even light out. I spent the morning relaxing by the pool and reading John Grisham’s The Appeal.

Early this morning it rained. Thankfully it didn’t last long, and cleared up to be a beautiful day.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 001

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 003

Today is a day that I’ve been excited about for a while. Today I’m going to go on a zipline tour with Skyline Eco Adventures. I signed up for the Kaanapali course. We started by taking a van from close to the hotel up several thousand feet up the mountain. The road was very bumpy, but this added to the fun of the trip.

That’s me below coming in for a landing. Basically you’re hanging from a pulley on a wire between two platforms. You fly through the air while surrounded by lush trees, cascading waterfalls and beautiful vistas of the coastline.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 012

The guides were very knowledgeable about the area and zipping, while also working many jokes into their instructions to keep it fun. Everybody goes one at a time so it takes a while to complete each section. This gave me time to look around, enjoy the surrounding, and watch the others zip through the sky.


2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 013

After the first 5 lines, we went to a deck overlooking a ridge and the many other places. There we had big lunch, while enjoying the lookout.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 015

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 017

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 029

There is a huge landing area here along with that huge metal contraption. There never gave me a straight answer of why its there.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 049

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 061

On the way down we took this ATV down from the mountain. This added some variety to the trip, instead of a boring van. I only got squished a little as everyone slid down the bench towards me on the hills.

I had a great time, but here are several disappointments that I had. I thought we would be in more of a forest but we went from ridge to ridge instead. The landscape even though it was beautiful didn’t change to much. Also, many of the lines were right next to each other, instead of having them more spaced out. This would have allowed us to see more.

Here is the suspension bridge above the pool. It was fun to walk across on the way back to the room. There is a waterslide that starts up the hill straight ahead and ends in the bottom left of this photo.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 064

Here is what I had to my back in the above photo. Here’s the kids area and many many lounge chairs.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 065

We decided to forgo a luau, as there are basically an expensive ($70-$100) buffet with dinner entertainment. However we did see a free hula show at the Cannery Mall.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 067

Afterwards we had dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate. The food was much cheaper than many other places we’ve considered dinning at, however the portions were smaller. All three of us got the mixed plate which includes a scoop of macaroni salad, rice, mahi mahi, teriyaki beef, and shoyu chicken. It was very good especially the chicken and beef. Next door is a luau, so were had wonderful live background music. Plus we basically were sitting on the shoreline where we could hear and see the ocean.

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 072

2009-01-20 Maui - Day 2 076

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Anne said...

Great pictures Dave. It looks so pretty there!! The zip-line sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. Food sounds good too. What was the fruity drink? I am excited for that weather soon....