Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

Today was spent flying to Maui. We left this morning and didn’t arrive until 9p (2 am in GR) tonight at the hotel. There wasn’t too much exciting today. Just a lot of time in a cramped seat on the plane. I feel like each time I fly the seats are smaller.

2009-01-18 090118 Maui 005

It was interesting to be in the Seattle Airport again and to remember what I was preparing for last time. When we arrived in Maui, I noticed my luggage was badly torn. When I inquired about what they do when this happens, they came out with a new suitcase!

The air was beautiful and even though it was dark I know I’m going to enjoy the sights and weather!

2009-01-18 090118 Maui 006