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Cedar Point

Cedar Point this year was wonderful again. Not only was the weather great, but my brother and his family came along too. It had been a long long time since we all went on a trip together. Here's some pictures (check out my flickr page for more):

First ride of the day: Maverick. Its short but fast, needless to say, we made it through.
0709 Cedar Point 02.JPG

Not only was the Power Tower scary, but we were scared of the strange creatures coming down the midway also!
0709 Cedar Point 22.JPG

Even though we had to wait a while, Tyler and I rode the Junior Gemini. This was the perfect opportunity; I've wanted to ride this for the longest time.
0709 Cedar Point 27.JPG

We always have a crock-pot meal waiting for us midway. We were so tired at this point, but we still went back in the park.
0709 Cedar Point 39.JPG

Going for a spin!
0709 Cedar Point 36.JPG

We all went on the Mine Ride. It's slow by fun.
0709 Cedar Point 40.JPG

Tyler sat next to me so I wouldn't freak out around the nail-bitting corners.
0709 Cedar Point 06.JPG

Even the dogs came. Except Muffin didn't want to go in the park.
0709 Cedar Point 51.JPG

That's us (except for my dad taking the picture) by the new ride Maverick!
0709 Cedar Point 04.JPG