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Mac OS X Leopard

This fall Apple released a new update to their OS X operating system, titled Leopard. This update is not revolutionary, but it is evolutionary. AKA there aren't any dramatic changes, more cosmetic and small changes to features.

Here's my list of things that changed that other reviews have not discussed:

  • Now when you have a window with a bunch of files in Finder, you can change the grid spacing between the files. Before, there was a sea of empty space which made it very inefficient as you had to scroll more to see all of them.
  • A2DP was added as a Bluetooth profile. Now I can stream music wirelessly to my stereo system. So I have my speakers on the opposite side of the room with no ugly wires across the floor.
  • One of Leopard's biggest new features is Spaces (multiple desktops). I find this very helpful in compartmentalizing my activities. One screen for music, one for the internet, and one for iPhoto. Plus it looks really cool.
Here are some problems I ran into after upgrading:
  • The iCal widget is dashboard disappeared. I added it back and everything is fine now.
  • Front Row was "upgraded." Actually Apple just took the software for Apple TV and pasted it into Leopard. It sucks. It crashes frequently. It's slower. The interface is really small so I can't see it from the other side of the room, whereas before it was big enough to. Before I could listen to music while blogging or whatever, then start Front Row and keep the same music playing. Now they are totally different, so soon as you start Front Row the music stops playing. I really expect Front Row to be overhauled in some small update. Hopefully.
  • Keyword Manager for iPhoto stopped working (actually this wasn't because of Leopard, but because of the new iLife suite). But this isn't Apple's fault as this program uses some backdoor to run, as such its not officially supported.
  • Miro's bittorrent capability stopped working. They fixed it but this put me in a lurch as I couldn't watch my typical podcasts and such.