Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

For my last camping trip of the year, I went to Platte River. First off, it wasn't the best weekend. It was cold, rainy, and I was really sick. But the campground is beautiful, and was quiet while we were there. Saturday wasn't a camping day (rainy), so we left early and came back along the lake. Here are some pictures of the trip:

Beautiful Fall Trees
0710 Platte Lake 06.JPG

0710 Platte Lake 09.JPG

Look at those huge waves.
0710 Platte Lake 12.JPG

0710 Platte Lake 20.JPG

Oh! It's so rainy!
0710 Platte Lake 24.JPG

Now it's not rainy, but it sure is cold and windy.
0710 Platte Lake 27.JPG

0710 Platte Lake 29.JPG