Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

I started last weekend my first 30 day plan. I have several different big goals in my life and ideas. However I seem to keep falling on my face as I try to do all these things however my effort is spread so thin that I make progress but its slow. So over the last three months I have identified my goals. These aren't things like washing my car, changing oil, schedule a doctors appointment, or buying a birthday gift. Instead, I noted all the big plans that I hope to accomplish in the next month, the next year, or my lifetime.

The way it worked out, I was able to group the 20-30 things on my list into five categories that I have described as moving: in, out, down, up, and forward. In, for my personal development of skills, talents, virtues, and health. Out, for my social involvement of friends, family and volunteering. Down, for finding my family roots through pictures, videos, and noting my family tree. Up, for growing spiritually through devotions, and prayer. And forward, to find my vocation as I consider my next big step of careers.

So, for my first 30 days I will focus on In. My idea is that for the next 30 days I will focus on this one area and by the end of the 30 days, it will have become a habit. Allowing me to move on to my next 30 day goal.

I figure its better to do a few things good, instead of a lot of things mediocre and slow.