Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.


The Bird Man

When younger, I would go to my grand parents for a day or a couple of days and spend time playing games, or just helping them with their normal tasks. I loved when my grandma would fix a Red Barron's pizza in her gas-fired oven. In my opinion, electric ovens produced cooked, but tasteless food, compared to the flavorful crispy food that gas ovens produce. This is especially true
with frozen pizza's as they turn out extra crispy but cooked wonderfully.

Back to the story that I remembered when biking by my grandparents old house yesterday. When I would come over, my grandpa would take me over to the "Bird Man" (Al Kol), as I affectionately referred to my grandpa's friend. My grandpa would take a folded towel and lay it on the top bar of his bike when we was on it and then would sit me sideways on the towel and ride me over to his house. This was half of the fun. After a several minute ride, we would arrive at his house. There after suffering from listening to adult conversation we would go into his cage filled backyard with hundreds of colorful squawking birds. I loved looking at the many types of birds and watching them trying to fly inside of their cages. But I also loved the rarity of this typical neighborhood with one person with such an incredible backyard filled with so many birds. So, I don't remember much about my grandpa's friend accept his many many amazing birds.