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My attempt to understand and be understood.


Planet Earth

I love the new (new to me at least, its been on tv since last fall) BBC series Planet Earth (shown in the US on the Discovery Channel). Going where no camera or few people this series shows beautiful landscapes, or plunging caves, or frostbitten penguins. First, it is a feast for your eyes. Every shot is beautiful just mesmorizing both your eyes and mind. Its like when we were read stories as kids, our imagination engulfed our mind in what it was like, while listening to a parent tell the story. Its breathtaking!

Second, each 40 minute episode is just dense is activity and effort. The filming crews who were part of this project that involved some 170 sites throughout the world, spent countless months or years to catch a single act. One filmer spent 5 weeks in one blind waiting for a bird of paradise to do its mating dance. Its incredibly amazing how much effort and planning and storying went into creating this series. For the first season took over 5 years to film! Talk about patience!

Well, just watch it I don't have to convince you as once you see it you also will be mesmerized.