Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

I love being done with college. Now instead of spending so much money for tuition I am actually making money. I have been paying off my debt. However since I get get much higher returns from mutual funds, I am investing. Also, as a employee at a financial firm I am able to keep a commission free account.

I have chosen a highly aggressive American Fund for my Roth IRA and am greatly pleased with the increases lately. While I like high returns, I also like to be very direct about what corporations I invest my money. While reading about a couple that is spending a year biking the world (I would love to do this, maybe for a honeymoon!) they mentioned Invested Interests which will manage your money. What's different from the million other financial firms is that they examine to make sure that the mutual funds they usually buy are socially responsible. In that they 'align your investments with your investments.' For example you can chose mutual funds that are composed of companies that are help the environment, aren't involved in weapons, have community involvement and of course aren't tobacco or alcohol companies.

Investing for me has been about returns and security for my money. When I was active in the stock market I would be wise about the company I was buying a part of. Mutual funds this is a lot more obscure, but not with the mutual funds Invested Interests promotes. Invested Interests brings these disjointed world of money and purpose // beliefs // principles together. How exciting.

I probably won't change to this firm, as I can buy these funds with my current account.

After writing this I forgot that I have been buying mostly a certain American Fund that places a significant share of money into developing countries. My hope is that this can be used to help struggling economies. And you know what? Investing like this changes my thinking into a lot more than just how it can grow, but how it can DO something at the same time.