Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

I type a lot. Anything I can do to help me type faster is welcomed. I use the Microsoft Natural ergonomic keyboard at work.

For the month I am going to try typing with the Dvorak layout. There is no advantage to using the standard configuration, only that it is widely used.

The layout most of the world uses is qwerty which was designed to actually decrease speed so that they keys on typewriters wouldn't jam! First you fingers barely have to move up or down, actually they only move 40% of the time, compared to 70% on a qwerty keyboard. It took one study group only 52 hours to learn to type as fast as they had after 3 years of qwerty use. And a qwerty typists fingers would move about 16-17 miles a day (sounds high to me!), while a Dvorak typists fingers would only move about a single mile a day!

I hope this decreases the pain in my wrist also. Plus I have to admit I'll feel pretty cool!