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A week ago I spent the weekend backpacking along the Manistee River Trail with my friend Nick. The weather didn’t fully cooperate as it rained a fair amount, however the it rained at the best times of when we already had our tents setup, and during the night.

2009-06-05 Manistee River Trail 004

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 005

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 007

It was stunningly beautiful. There were many hills and ridges, unlike the flat area around Grand Rapids that I’m accustomed to. The trail we hiked is a fairly popular route for backpackers, even though we just picked it as we thought it was pretty.

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 020

There were many established campsites, which we used for both nights. This sites were nice because they were close to the river and many had breath taking views, even though they weren’t the obligatory four-hundred feet from the river.

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 028

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 038

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 077

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 090

Saturday we hiked for a quite a while then doubled back to this campsite for the evening. We were on a cliff about a hundred feet above the river with an amazing view of the valley. We even saw a bald eagle flying down the river. It didn’t return despite our eager desire to see it again.

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 092

There was a lot of great firewood before we had the fire, but it rained shortly after starting it, so our capability of getting more dry wood dwindled greatly.

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 109

There were caterpillars on top of caterpillars everywhere! We’re curious why there were so many, or if this is the season for them?

2009-06-07 Manistee River Trail 003

2009-06-07 Manistee River Trail 004

There was a lot of poison ivy around much to my dismay. I thought I would break out from all of it and touching some of it, but it’s been over a week and I’m still fine!

2009-06-07 Manistee River Trail 009 Stitch

2009-06-07 Manistee River Trail 030

It was a great weekend, Nick was great company, and I hope to go backpacking again soon!

2009-06-06 Manistee River Trail 117 Stitch