Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

This weekend I camped at Muskegon State Park. It was wonderful being on the water.

Saturday afternoon I biked around Muskegon Lake to find the end of the Musketawa Trail. Now I know where it ends and how to get to the lake from the trail. Eventually I hope to bike from my house to the lake with camping equipment and stay at the State Park for the weekend.

This picture is taken from the South side of the channel leading to Lake Michigan with the State Park in the background.

2008-09-20 0809 Weekend in Muskegon 002

I set up my hammock tent but it got cold at night. I could have easily slept in it, but why would I pass up a warm flat bed in the motorhome?

2008-09-20 0809 Weekend in Muskegon 005


2008-09-20 0809 Weekend in Muskegon 006

There’s always beautiful sunsets on Lake Michigan! I love Michigan.

2008-09-20 0809 Weekend in Muskegon 007

On the way home, I mounted my camera on the dash and took this time lapse video. It starts in the camp ground at ends at Meijer.