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Post It Note Prank

I like to pull pranks on people to keep things light hearted and it's my way of showing that I care. So far this year I pulled the saran wrap prank amongst others.

0805 Post It Note Car 2

While thinking of future pranks I could pull, I came across this car in my parking lot by work. This car that is covered in Pos-It Notes was marvelously done! While making sure they all lined up they also included a racing stripe and even cut up a couple for the inside of the door.

0805 Post It Note Car 3

I would have loved to see the car owner's reaction when they saw this!

0805 Post It Note Car 4


Anonymous said...

seriously, this is awesome! i wonder how many post-it notes that is?

Anonymous said...

how many packages did that take.... we're thimking about doing it