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Now with Video

Recently Flickr added the ability to post videos. I took advantage of this to post all the video that I have in my photo library that were taken with still cameras.

I usually just look at my pictures and skip over the video's. Once I posted them, I had a great time reliving some of these experiences, like...

...watching red-hot lava spew from a volcano and turn into rock before it hit the ground. It was an amazing experience.

...watching the overcast day at my cousin's wedding in California turn into a destructive storm. Starting with hail, the storm created a flash flood which we saw as the golf course turned into a river and flooded the street making several cars float away! It made for an even more interesting and adrenaline-filled day!

...catching your friends on camera just being wacky.

I hope you enjoy these short video and look for more in the future from me. In the meantime here's all of the video's I posted.