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My New Kitten

Last night I picked up my new roommate. After connecting through a friend of a friend to litter of kittens I chose this kitten to join me at my apartment. She is a mostly white and black 2.5 pound tabby girl born in mid January 2008.


Spooky (about one year old), the mom of my kitten, was a stray that this couple adopted after it kept coming to their apartment for food. The solid black cat was adopted by them on Halloween, hence her name. Unbeknownst to them, she was pregnant. In mid January 2008, Spooky had 3 kittens. The first was a white and black tabby boy, the second was a gray tabby boy, and the third (mine) was a white and black tabby girl.


When I brought her home she slowed explored her new home by crawling everywhere, sniffing everything, and testing out her furniture by jumping on it. Right away she clawed away at my plant by the couch. After a little while and a short nap, she was jumping around biting at my toes as I wiggled them.

I'm excited to play with her and watch her grow up!

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