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0504 Honduras -- Siguatepeque (12)
I just found out that I can get Flickr Pro for free as a AT&T DSL customer saving me $25 a year.

What does this mean? Flickr is the website I use to post all my photos (along with millons of other people) I've taken or scanned online. It has many great features (you can place your photos on a map, blog them, or view your stats) and Pro members can post unlimited photos that are stored forever.

While I'm talking about this great service, they also have account statistics available for Pro users. Usually my blog stats are to much to talk about, sadly, but people have looked at pictures from my account over 25000 times in the last couple of years. For some reason the most popular pictures are from Siguatepeque in Honduras.

It's exciting to know that people appreciate viewing my pictures, especially as I've had to pay in the past to have them online (however now it's free!).

The photo above is the most popular in my account with the most views, and is from my time in Honduras. Click it for more info.