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School Fundraisers

After being hit up at work and other places by young kids selling chocolate, Entertainment books, wrapping papers or cookies, two things jump out at me as odd. (This doesn't include the fact that young young kids are going door to door selling stuff just like the door-to-door salesmen of the 60's selling vacuums or kitchen knives)

When I participated in fundraisers in school I usually canvassed the whole area frequently making the list of top sellers. So maybe I don't provide the best insight as I wasn't a typical kid that just went to one or two houses.

First, its surprising that schools actually make enough money through these ventures that its actually a viable source of income for them. Even though the cookies or chocolate for sale are really extremely over priced.

Second, it just seems increasingly odd the more that I think about it. These kids are walking around a neighborhood basically as salespeople, which includes keeping records of sales and payments. This also seems very capitalistic, providing these young salespeople schoolchildren with a first hand look at a simple market system.

So these are my quick thoughts on the oddity that are fundraisers