Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

This last weekend my wait ended. For the last month, I have been waiting to be invited to the West Michigan Co-op.

On Saturday, I received my invitation email allowing me to sign up. Now I can purchase locally grown produce, meat, dairy, and other farmer goods. Not only will does the Co-op allow me to economically support Western Michigan. But also, I am buying food that has traveled less; thus cutting down on gas, labor, and materials that moved it hundreds of miles (the food in a typically meal has traveled 1500 miles). Also, the choices in food are usually more naturally or organically grown. These are just two of many reasons, what can you think of that is benefically about a co-op?

Well, I order food once a month through them so I am excited to try it next week! Plus, I order it all online, then I just go and pick it all up later!