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My attempt to understand and be understood.


I don't understand

I am becoming frustrated with the importance of prayer. I understand the importance but it seems like it is usually an outlet of action rather than real action. I think that physical action and 'prayer' action go hand and hand. For example someone's parents just got divorced, you should both pray for the family and the children but also support them by helping (maybe by listening and providing advice). Here is an email from a friend who I value. She was moved by a big event that Christians needed to be called into action, but thenthe action this amounts to is prayer:

"It's sad and makes me realize how much they need the hope that comes from knowing you're God's child. And I suppose that's where I (and other Christians) come in. I've been spending a lot more time praying for the believers in my church and their ability to impact theircountry."

I wish that the 'sad' event would have also caused her to physical action (proselytizing, setting up a clinic).