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I recently purchased a GPS unit, a Garmin eTrex Vista HCX to be exact, and love it. I can take it hiking and not get lost. This winter I am going to put it on my bike and use it instead of my bike computer. If I don’t know where I’m driving it will tell me where to turn. I can geocache with it.


I am most excited that I can have it record my tracks and then match it up to my photos so that all my photos will be recorded with the location that they were taken. Look at my map on Flickr where you can see all my photos on a map.

After several weeks with it, I know it was an excellent purchase as it is durable and last and is very dynamic, evidenced by the many uses above.

Image used with courtesy from Craig Lebowitz under this Creative Commons License.


Anne said...

hi friend! I'm finally adding you to my blog roll =)

Unknown said...

hey nice Gps!