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On October 11th, I headed out to Fallsburg Park in Lowell, MI to participate in the Colorburst Tour. As a member of the Rapid Wheelmen I was excited to get out and bike and also see the beautiful colors that are lingering in the area.

Here is my route for the day, click it for more details about my ride:

Map of Colorburst 2008 - Modified

When I arrived for the pancake breakfast there were hundreds of people waiting. So, I skipped breakfast, ate a Cliff Bar instead and was off. Originally, I was going to go the 100 mile route, but that would have taken a big chunk of the day. One of the friends I made this summer with Sea to Sea is traveling here from Canada to visit so I want to make sure that I finish early enough to meet for lunch.

2008-10-11 0810 Colorburst Tour 002

The first couple of miles were great (but cold). After that I lacked energy and vigor. So, I decided to cut the day short and only bike only bike 31 miles. I had donated blood the day before and could feel it in my lack of energy the night before, but I wonder if that is what did me in today.

2008-10-11 0810 Colorburst Tour 003

The area was beautiful and there were bikers everywhere! There was a record number of riders today at over 600 people! As always the route had several wonderful stops with plenty of home baked cookies, fruit, hot drinks, and energy drinks.

2008-10-11 0810 Colorburst Tour 004

2008-10-11 0810 Colorburst Tour 005

2008-10-11 0810 Colorburst Tour 008

I look forward to riding again next year!