Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

Today is the birthday of Richard Dean Anderson who played the mullet wearing Macgyver for all seven seasons. Even though the show is beginning to show it's age, I still love watching them. In fact, I am almost done watching the whole series. I am in the middle of the short seventh season.

His ingenuity and resourcefulness is so fun to watch even though sometimes it true to life, but heh its a TV show. Moreover I love the attitude towards life that it conveys; that you take what you have and make the best of it. Even though his life-threatening situations are common for us, this survivalist attitude should be. I want to appreciate that I have the means to accomplish so much even though it might not be immediately apparent. I might have to step back and look at it from a different angle, something that MacGyver did every time.

It's too easy to say 'I can't.' Think about it next time you do.

This is my favorite Macgyverism. What's yours?