Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

The more I work the more I see the varieties of worldviews.

Mainly, I want to point out how my coworkers and myself are indirectly encouraged to work to perfection and to document our attempt through copies and logs. Of my main two roles at work, one is to process. I take in paperwork, work on it and then spit it out. My accuracy is checked monthly (and I get a bonuses depending on how accurate I am, of which I have drastically increased over my predecessors) and I have to log the paperwork (mainly checks) that flow across my desk. My company has a 'high standard of excellence' (blah...corporate mumbojumbo) so when we finally make a mistake we have to figure out what went wrong and how to correct it. This is a good approach for continual growth in any part of life; to learn from our mistakes.

Well, this isn't such a big deal, however it seems that my boss and coworkers fail to recognize that mistakes will happen and always will no matter how many times we log a check or whatever we will make mistakes.

But how does this play into my 'worldview'? As a Christian (or anyone who's realistic would realize), I acknowledge and know that every human being has and will make mistakes. So it is important to be accurate and precise and to work for excellence. However, sometimes this seems to evolve into perfection, and to not allow any mistakes.

This stood out to me this week as I saw others huffy and puffing about mundane items that frankly don't matter.