Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

The enviromentally-friendly massive new art museum in Grand Rapids is now open. After two years of watching the construction from the outside, I now can visit the inside. In fact I had a chance to earlier this week as a VIP member. While on my lunch break I toured the whole inside exploring both the new building and the artwork. The building is expansive and appears to be able to hold a lot of varied exhibits.

Rather than recount all my impressions and thoughts rather I'll identify three ideas. First, I am excited that the building is environmentally-friendly and LEED certified. From what I've read before, the LEED certification is difficult to achieve. Second, I like the design of the building, especially the waterfall and pond. Not only because I love water but because of the serenity and beauty of the pond. The building itself is unique, but quite stark. Moreover, the buildings lines, and contours are varied. But all the outside walls are unpainted concrete, or white panels, along with the white interior. This seems appropriate and fitting for a museum; providing a setting that does not distract from the pieces within. Third, I realized how I don't appreciate abstract artwork as much as landscape paintings.

When you get a chance check it out!