Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.


Milwaukee -- Day 2

Yesterday morning (Sunday morning) was hard. I woke up and just wanted to relax, but I knew I was here and there was many interesting and fun things to explore, so I got ready and just went. Once I left the hotel I was fine, but it took a bit to find the inspiration. In the end, I had a great day and left me tired at night.

I woke up later than I planned, but I went got ready and ate at the breakfast downstairs. I have to admit that the shower is incredibly weak, however everything else has been fine.

I then got on my bike and started the eight mile bike to the Milwaukee County Zoo. I basically picked the straightest route between hear and there and went. However, I went through the not-so-good part of town. Also, I had to ride into the wind and uphill! It was nice, however, to view more of the city. This included passing the Miller Brewing factory, which was huge.

I arrived at the zoo about 11 o'clock just when the Birds of Prey show was starting. This included several owls, hawks, a bald eagle, and some other birds that I can't remember the name of. We got to see the birds dive for food. As this was only the second show of the year, one of the younger birds flew away into a tree and wouldn't come down for several minutes. The highlight was when the birds would fly up the bleachers over every ones head with in several inches. Its amazing how accurate and precise these birds are.




Zoo can be very exciting and boring at other parts. Its great to see bears, lions, tigers, monkeys, camels, zebras, and on and on. However its disappointing when they are sleeping of just standing there, instead of running around. When they are active, its interesting to see how the animal's muscles and joints move. To figure out more about the purpose of interesting features, like how the mouth and teeth are shaped which hint at the type of food it eats. Or how eyes are positioned. The elephants eyes were set so the elephant looked mostly down, hinting at how these animals are grazers.

Northwestern Mutual sponsored the farm area of the zoo. Of which I feel a little pride on behalf of my company giving to this great zoo


I also ventured upon a snow leopard, which was great finding after I saw the Planet Earth episode discussing how hard these big cats are to find, especially up in hard to get to places.

I saw many other amazing animals that it just continues to boggle my mind how many different animals there are and the many different purposed they fill in their ecosystem.

One of the most exciting exhibits was the manta ray and tiger shark pools. For $2, you could go and pet rays and sharks as they same by. There were lots of people so you only have a fleeting moment to touch them as they float by. Unexpectedly, I timed it just right for feeding time. For an extra dollar I bought two small fishes to feed to the rays. They wouldn't eat out of your hand, but I would just put a little piece in the water and they would stay right by me and eat as I touched they smooth almost gooey skin down to their bumpy spine and tough tail. I thought it was funny that all these people were waiting to touch them and they were all hanging out by me. This was a great opportunity to experience these amazing creatures up close.

This is the the best picture by I think you get the idea...



I was amazed at home many people bought pop. Not only because it is expensive, but because it is so unhealthy, doesn't quench your thirst or help your body. I took in my water bottle and had free, incredibly healthy drinks all day! I think my addiction to just drinking water is the sole reason I have such healthy teeth. Pop and coffee contain acid that eats away at your enamel (I think its enamel) and stain your teeth making them yellow or dark.


The ride back to the lake and my hotel was quick and effortless. The trip back took my twenty five minutes while the way there took over 45! What a difference.

So next I rode along the lakeside park and stopped outside the art museum admiring its beauty and amazing design. Unexpectedly I was there to see the decorative 'wings' of the museum close at five. The was great to watch, however I was disappointed by the cheesy music that played right before they started to close. The music was probably to draw attention, but for such an elaborate and beautiful design, the music didn't seem to fit.






For the next couple hours I rode my bike and took several breaks to take in the atmosphere and such. And then I rested in my room from a long day of lots of walking and some difficult biking.


Later, I went again to Louise's for dinner and enjoyed watching the city as I sat outside in the beautiful weather. I had an incredible Angel Hair pasta with portabella mushrooms, artichoke, and chicken. I loved it.

It was beautiful weather with no rain and the temperature was not hot but just warm enough. I enjoyed resting and also working hard to get to the zoo and back. But I'm glad to see so many thing and to have timed both the museum's wings closing and the feeding at the sting ray exhibit!

Here I sit in bed with this beautiful view: