Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

A new type of development, Newberry Place, is finishing their first homes in Grand Rapids. This development is centered around cohousing, or an intentional community that is centered on shared resources, common areas, and energy efficient homes. These homes also are offered with a cut in half of property taxes for residents.

Basically these are a group of condos that are designed to foster interacting with neighbors, with common space and a common building with a huge kitchen, dining room, and lounge room. These parts will help to foster community, creating strong bonds and trust.

I'm curious to see what Grand Rapids does with cohousing. If it will grow or just be a fad. If the appeal will wear out as families grow, and houses change hands in 5 years.

Personally, it sounds great, but I believe that any neighborhood has the opportunity to do this, it just might be a little more difficult.