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Cedar Point

The first weekend in October I went with my family to Cedar Point, staying Friday and Saturday night in the campground. It was an amazing weekend.

When we were in the park Saturday it was not-so-cold, and the lines were so short! We usually went in the first seat on each ride and probably never waited more than an hour! It did rain at dusk, but we stuck it out armed with our umbrellas and ponchos, however we were still drenched. Oh, and Sunday was incredibly warm, too bad we spent the day in the motor home traveling.

On Friday night, we also went into the park right before they closed, with our free tickets, and went on a couple of rides (Millenium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster) and didn't wait more than 20 minutes for either!

The haunted houses, and walkways were fun as usual. However its more fun to watch for us guys because they don't try to scare us... oh well.

Lastly, we rode the SkyHawk after it reopened from the rain. This is is so freaky and fun. Well enough words how 'bout some pics? These are Top Thrill Dragster (we are in the back row), first we are stopped and in the second picture we are accelerating to 120mph in 4 seconds