Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

Well, its been a while so I will write something fast.

This will be quick but is an important questions I think. What's up with those think-they-are-cooler-than-anything guys with confederate flags plastered on their trucks? Do they wish for the confederacy and its prejudice, racism, lack of freedom society?

If so, this is just horrible, not for racism and prejudice against many groups but just self-involved individuals who think they are right. (Aside: do they even recognize their freedom of speech that they are utilizing that is in conflict with what they are promoting?).

(Self) righteousness seems to be one sin that involves these individuals, but so many Americans (but on a different level). With righteousness, people really limit themselves (including ignoring vulernabilities) and narrow their focus to just their worldview which is just the opposite when digging into hard problems, and difficult situations.

For instance, discussing the US government with my family they get are immediately defensive and argumentative that the US government doesn't really make mistakes. There righteousness in the US government really limits their view and doesn't allow for anyother view.

How then as a Christian do I stand for one God or Way (including dismissing all other religions or gods as irrefutably false), and not be self-righteous like the truck driver who thinks he's knows better than everyone else? Is this possible? Is it something to strive for?