Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.

Last summer I worked with Youthworks! in Red Lake, MN as the works project staff. The recent school shooting greatly shocked me. This is a terrible act that this teen committed, however I am more concerned and saddenned by the amount of attention they have received from the press. Typical articles of the incident give the background of Red Lake which has had many problems (especially three years ago with gangs, but that problem was cured) that are emphasized and continually brought up. Maybe this acknowledgement would be good for awareness but I believe it will further decrease their belief that positive change is possible.

I heard about it in class in Honduras as a student had a prayer request for the schoo shooting in Northern Minnesota. After later asking her I found out that it was in the same town I lived in. Surprisingly this news even mad its way down to Central America.

The FBI consfiscated more than 125 computers in their investigation. Dissappointedly, when these computers return (if/when) they will not be operable. This has resulted in several people soliciting organization for computer donations. I don't understand how the government can take such a bad situation and not contribute much to it, and take away so much. These computers should at least be returned working/operable.

To bad this situation is worsened by the government but at least their are caring people in positions that are able to help them.