Muse by David Teitsma

My attempt to understand and be understood.



I was reading Lost World last night and was struck by several lines. I have always found organizing very fun and makes me feel better and more comfortable; even in tough situations if I can start to organize and put things in order it comforts me.

"The adults were being very cool about it, but Arby found the idea of these dinosaurs very unverving in some deep way that he couldn't analyze. Arby had always found it reassuring to organize, to create order in his life -- even arranging the images neatly on the computer monitor was calming to him. But this island was a place where everything was unknown and unexpected. Where you didn't know what would happen. He found that troubling." (Lost World, 153-4)

This just echoed with me, I believe more than it would for others as I could deeply identify and understand that calmness and tranquilty that comes with organizing and organization. I ponder upon the importance of organization in my life and think it is so important for me that I should look deeply into a job that involves organization work.